The Peak Centre at Champion House



Entrance to Centre

The entrance to The Peak Centre is from the road into the Village. We have two playing fields, a small area of woodland, a camp fire circle, a wildlife pond, a boot wash, a gas barbeque and and our new cabin for group activities located in the woods. Our car park holds about 15 vehicles.

There are all sorts of other nooks and corners around the grounds where individuals or small groups can sit quietly and enjoy the amazing views and the peace.

Near field

Playing Field

Playing Field

The Peak Centre grounds include a large playing field on which games of all sorts can be played or on which, on summer days and evenings, you can sit and soak up the atmosphere. This field has two goal posts and outdoor games equipment (e.g. cricket, football) can be found there in a purpose built chest.

Ruth's field

Ruths Field

Ruth's Field

Ruth's field, which is alongside our playing field, provides additional space for outdoor activities.



There is an area of woodland which can be used for games, training exercises and exploration of wild life.

Camp-fire circle

Camp fire circle

The woodland area leads to a camp fire circle with rustic oak bench seating and a brazier (wood provided on request). The area is enclosed in a circle of twelve standing stones to create the feeling of being in a special or sacred space when exploring spirituality or sharing worship. The circle can of course be used for all sorts of other things including story telling, teaching, quiet times, barbecues and social gathering.

Wildlife Pond


Adjoining the circle is a wildlife pond full of aquatic life and there is pond dipping equipment available.